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A product of overwhelming emotions and painful uncertainty, Sweet Things Frozen Yogurt, founded in 2009 by Michael and Nancy Scornavacco, is a shining example of the power of unwavering faith and a strong family foundation. This is our story:


Mike and Nancy had four beautiful children: Jake, Zac, Taylor, and Luke, so after Mike, a beloved father and husband, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, the idea of starting “Sweet Things”–a tribute to the kids–was born. Pancreatic cancer has a five year survival rate of less than 10%, and although the Scornavacco family was ready to put up a fight, both Mike and Nancy knew the all too likely reality of the situation. Nancy, faced the prospect of becoming a widow–caring for four children on her own–and the task of supporting the family financially and emotionally.


Rather than give into the circumstances of the situation or play victim, they decided to pool the last of our resources to create what would become a source of strength–financially and emotionally–and would embody the legacy of a man we were blessed to call ours.


Sweet Things Frozen Yogurt became the place that we needed. The place where we learned to shift our perspective, faced trials and experienced growth, made sacrifices and worked hard, but above all else, came together as a family, and built a new family.    


Though Mike eventually lost his battle in 2011, his love, passion, and memory continued to guide the Scornavacco family through every season of life. His eldest son, Jake, who took on the full-time role of General Manager at 14 years old–is now living out his calling as a local history teacher in San Diego–and remains an integral part of the business. Jake dedicated his childhood and now adult life to taking care of his family–sacrificing his goals and ambitions as a competitive golfer– to allow his mother to spend her time focused on the family’s wellbeing. Jake was and continues to be the backbone of the family and the biggest blessing to our lives. Zac worked as Jake’s second in command since the business started, and emerged as a talented student and leader in the community. Zac has a heart for people–leading him to SMU and now Dallas, TX where he is making his family proud. Twin sister Taylor, inspired by her faith and desire to honor the sacrifices her family made–redirected her pain and earned a Division 1 athletics scholarship to Stanford. Taylor exhibits a work ethic and enduring perseverance like no other, and most recently stepped up to help Sweet Things navigate the storm of 2020, and keep our doors open.  Luke, the youngest member of the Scornavacco family, is fearless and unafraid to pave his own path. A natural born leader and gracious friend, Luke reminds us all to enjoy the journey of life, live out our dreams, and be grateful for the little things. Lastly, the greatest Sweet Thing of them all, Nancy, who serves as a light to her kids, friends, community members, and customers–bringing passion, charisma, and joy into the lives of everyone she touches.

While the world around us changes, new seasons of adversity emerge, there’s been one constant…

Sweet Things.

Our story is one of overcoming, of never giving up–creating beauty from the ashes. When you come to Sweet Things Frozen Yogurt that’s exactly what you get. No matter what comes our way, we will not be beaten or discouraged–because we know that “Life is Full of Sweet Things”

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